The Assignment – my new book

The Assignment: Amy’s Adventures in New York (Lesbian Erotica)

Amy, 23, a pretty fair-haired woman from Alabama, has come to New York, where she meets Laura, a glamorous power-dressing lawyer who gives Amy a series of ‘assignments’. One of these is a ‘big city massage’ that turns into far more than Amy bargained for. She leaves her conventional small town life behind for an electrifying threesome with a beautiful Greek girl and an elegant black receptionist at the spa. Soon Amy is being tasked with seducing a university student, and after an incredible taxi ride to the Hamptons, she falls under the spell of the student’s mother and her various ‘helpers’. For a conservative, southern girl, it’s an erotic odyssey that opens up a brand new world… Intensely arousing, this story will hopefully leave you breathless… and happy.

By parisrivera1

The ‘No Guilt’ Hotel

Have you ever wondered what would happen if guilt were against the rules? If you were taken to a hot, luxurious seaside resort and surrounded by beautiful women of all nationalities with only your pleasure – and theirs – in mind. Who knows what kinds of whispered excitements and body-shaking ecstasies you would experience if you took the plunge, if you packed your best perfume, your finest lingerie, and your most secret and taboo fantasies, leaving only your inhibitions behind? Do you dare to check in for some fabulous ‘me time’ at the ‘No Guilt’ Hotel?

By parisrivera1